Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Promised Path: #2...


Not pseudo religious but becoming more and more realistically relational as we’re made to be. Rescued from a slow self-seeking suicide. Learning to accept, not yet feeling blessed in the moment, when ambushed by false faces hiding what false hearts doth know - mild persecutions to date, not quite the inquisition. Learning to surf the storms of life where under extreme pressure, in the face of bold faced betrayal and institutional injustice my motto became: 'Vent, repent and refine!' And still I must choose to forgive instead of being chained to the perverseness of what's past.

Scenes Present: Falsely Accused in the U.S.A. Nov. 6, 2006

Fear of being sued, the willingness to lie in court and “We’re just going to let it run it’s course through the court system” is the cold, uncaring response I’ve heard back,through third party sources, from falsely accusing "pro-life Christians" who have refused to do the right thing in light of their seemingly malicious mistakes towards me.

Where are the apologies to me and my family for falsely accusing me and having me jailed and the sleepless nights and loss of time and peace of mind that followed over being dragged through the justice? system (and it's not over yet). Where is the offer to cover the cost to fix my camera they needlessly ripped from my hands and damaged? ...and then took my tape out before the police arrived and were lied to.

“Not guilty,” was the plea my public defender tabled on my behalf March 6, 2007. She is calling for a “conditional dismissal of the case”. We await the prosecutions decision and a kinder word from my accusers. Another lawyer helping me said, "There's something perverse about this whole thing."

Beyond the ancient gate there is bliss but it comes with a cost. Walking along the promised path to paradise in authorized authenticity. The gift is free but the path both protected yet perilous comes with a painful promise: “If they persecuted me,they will persecute you…if they hate me, then they will hate you…and there is no love in them.” Jesus Christ said this in the context of the institutionalized religious leaders who led the persecution against him. “White washed tombs” was one of the nicer names he called them.

Seeming to be on the right path, doing the 'right things’ and saying the ‘right things’ yet being void of love - how can this be? Motivations of the heart are revealed in time and punishment will fit the crime. Pardon awaits the broken hearted, truly sorry for sorry actions, and inaction, hurtful reactions, hateful thoughts, words, deeds done and said - now who will do the right thing and make retroactive retractions and just compensations?

Caught in the act, after the fact, rationalization, mind manipulating machinations will all be revealed. Who will be transparent and who will try and hide what is apparent. Who will be shown, ruddy, naked, revealed and who will be regally clothed in pure white, healed despite honest imperfections?

Choosing to take The Promised Path knowing that all are not what they seem, who they claim to be, some fooling themselves but not you and me. Some knowing what they are doing, intentional deceivers damned for all eternity – still here is a choice. While there is breath, while open minded ears and hearts may still hear Love’s voice - growing faint, more distant to some as they journey further down the popular path.


May these authentically artistic and investigative journalistic pages nourish the mind, and sooth the spirit, whether you believe you have one or not. Caring to be cognizant here, not negatively critical, questioning everything and being open mindful of ear to get closer to what’s true, to have nothing false between me and love and nothing false between me and you. Step into the Light now and feel Love's burn if you dare be free internally, eternally....

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Larry D. said...

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The Aborted Artist said...

Hey Larry,

Good to hear from you and I look forward to seeing you soon!