Monday, March 12, 2007

So Many Songs Left Unsung

For those of you have been tuning in or have just tuned in this is an aside to the first series of posts in the Aborted Artist Oracle, a blog with an artistic and journalistic bent. Wordsmithing, creating, investigating, singing and communicating are passions of mine. And so are people like you!

After two poetic posts planted I’m a believer in online publishing of thoughts, words, songs, sites, and sounds. It’s both cathartic and gratifying, especially for someone like me who has kept so much creativity inside for so long for reasons to be explored deeper at another time and perhaps another place.

Aborted Artist Oracle Blog dedication:

This blog and my song is dedicated to my grandmother Anne Hetherington who tragically left this world too early and with “So many songs left unsung.” She left more than memories behind, she left the seeds of encouragement in me. When others were telling me to “shut up!” - she would slip me a $50 dollar bill now and then for voice lessons and say, “don’t tell Papa…”
Here I was given the keys to singing on the breath and in key, giving wing to my greatest connection with the divine - through words and song! I am so grateful.

Further dedication and thanks go to a friend who amidst his own difficulties took the time to inspire and encourage me to dive into this cyber world of creativity and communication and make connections at a time when my wings had been trampled on leaving discouraging dents, of doubt and clouding my eyes with the dusts of distraction and fear. Another good friend recently reminded me in his blog that perfect love casts out all fear. Oh how I ask for a greater ability to focus on Love at all times. Creativity helps me connect with the divine, where my spirit can claw up out of the muck and mire and soar. Yes soar - far above all foul air - on the the pure wind of the Spirit.

Friend since you wrote, "I would be grateful if you prayed for me anytime/anywhere (I feel like I need it more than ever now)." I will boldly begin here with my first prayer by blog:
Healing to you my friend, through and through! You're genuine, and extremely talented. You're a good husband, father and provider for your family. May nothing separate you. May every 'song' that you and your family were born to sing be sung beautifully! Every dance be danced with passion in pure abandon. May harmony be restored within your body, heart and home and may the "vision" and "clarity of purpose" that is yours and no one else's be yours, in perfect timing in Perfect Love. And 'Luck has nothing to do with it.' You will be shown what to do, do not fret or fear, (easy to say harder to do). Be still and be listening in your spirit.

Allow me to transparent here. The pressures and the pains I've been going through over being falsely accused, having a public defender that doesn't seem to believe me and now being told that my U.S. court case is heading for a two day jury trial hasn't made me the nicest guy to live with at times. "Vent, repent and Lord!" became my desperate default method there for awhile but I have since learned to handle this injustice better. I am so thankful for the ability to ask for and to give forgiveness on a daily basis. Ask for it if you need to and then give it...

I also dedicate this blog and anything good that comes out of my creativity to my wife and our children who love me unconditionally.

And not wanting to leave anyone out. I dedicate this to all our friends and extended family who have been encouraging and supporting of me and my family through this time and who have been there for us in so many ways in the past. We love you! Now one good thing that this court case has brought about is that my Dad and I have been speaking on a regular basis and it has been encouraging; I'd like to share more of that with you another time, perhaps another place. On va voir.

Enjoy every precious moment of this short time we have to share with those we love, and who love us the best they can, amidst those who would attempt to snatch away our having, and our hope - what they fear they can never have. God help them, and God help us when they are family! It's time to fly, heads up for the flaming arrows.

Don’t let anyone abort the authentic artist in you!

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