Thursday, March 1, 2007

Authentic Aborted Artist: #1...


Not anti-this issue or that issue but pro-people: what's best for people. Respecting my fellow heart and 'souljourners', not judging or trying to change anyone, only sharing my stories, experiences, observations and understandings as they and I have and will continue to grow and mature. Each and every one of us has something to give, and something to learn from each other.

Scenes Past: After Africa 1992

"Talented, dangerous..." two young women size me up out loud as the bus arrives at our stop. I bump my guitar case against the door on my way up, "and clumsy," they add with a laugh.

Go easy on and off these pages here, respectfully dear. "Whoever is (perfect) cast the first stone." This world as is, is not my home. My song, my journey, my gifts I give in hope that you, and I, and they may live beyond a better day.

Aborted artist formed through callously spoken, endlessly echoing words, poison darts to the heart bleeding away precious hope and wonder; their weight augmented by the bloated shadows of authority figures. Authentic artist aborted by the cycle of generational ties, of family, friends and foreigners acting falsely as a ventriloquist’s dummy mouthing lies. As a marionette’s dead wood heart is deaf and blind to the control of the puppeteer’s strings, so have I been subject to the mindless manipulation of self-inflicting torture, and also unconsciously spearing other souls in thought, word and deed. “Cyclists dismount!”

No longer voiceless behind the invisible fence many of us know too well, the debilitating sting of a self-made prison: fear of rejection. Digging deep to drink from the well of faith, hope and love we have been gifted with here on earth. Coming of age and character: 39 years outside the watery warmth of my dear mother's womb. Forty years this July from the spark of my creation, in Love I come singing, dancing, and creating as one who is being set more and more free, authentically.

More and more free, beautiful, loving and yet more ugly as I see the dirty rascal that is me - when I lose sight of the King of the castle and am void of light and love, focusing on my pain, my needs, myself. Authentic Aborted Artist is aborted artist resurrected in the ‘hear and act now’ for the good of others. Becoming fearless of what some may say or do when I choose to be free, daring to say I know where I am going and pointing to the Lover I follow. Choosing my path freely, choosing to fly not wallow, believing not doubting that amidst the swarm of lies there is purity of truth, amidst selfishness, hatred and loss of life there is endless love, perfect peace and life in perpetual, pain free paradise.


Dying to live the Word beyond the four corners of this screen too often seen as a distraction from the real world outside.

The Aborted Artist Oracle: existing to touch the heart, mind, soul and spirit, to seek the greatest good. An open window giving a glimpse of the spiritual world amidst the physical world we live and learn in, giving a choice to experience the reality human beings were made for. Now dare to live and explore, come with me through the ancient door marked: The Promised Path. Listen, learn, taste, touch, feel Love, light and liberty born of a natural woman, Love, Light and liberty born in pain and at the disdain of corrupt, controlling puppets of power. Kiss Life that truly lives and conquers death. Hate can kill the body but the spirit is sure of bliss, safe beyond the ancient gate, along the path few seem to follow. With nothing to lose and everything to gain...

A blog is born... A creative creature becoming... Authentic as we're made to be…

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