Friday, March 16, 2007

Jackie 39?

"Coming of age and character: 39 years outside the watery warmth of my dear mother's womb. Soon forty years from the spark of my creation, in Love I come singing, dancing, and creating as one who is being set more and more free, authentically."-From the Authentic Aborted Artist post on March 1st.


Today I'm going to live as if this were the Last Day
I would ever walk God's green earth
The last day to create and give ideas birth
The last day I would ever kiss and tell my love

If it wasn't for you I wouldn't know the meaning of -
Today I'm going to live as if this were the last day
I would ever walk down by the sea
The last day for you and me

The last day to be
ici - mon ami

By JSCH March 16, 2007

My birthday wish is to go from starving "easier to make it up than make it real"* artist on a mission, to signed, sealed and commissioned...

"Jackie" has been my nickname since before birth, as it was for my Dad and his. The 39 shirt was a gift given me as a child by 'Gypsy Van' my troubadour uncle. The shirt was too small for me to wear then but perhaps I'm small enough to wear it now. This is my year to conquer fear...

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*Quote believed to be from Eddie Brickell