Monday, April 2, 2007

She Didn’t Get Enough Hugs From Daddy*

Listen to Jim Anderson's 'Dream For Our Women' download via:DivShare File - Jim Anderson's Dream.aif (under 2 min.)

This post is dedicated to 'Miscellaneous Woman's Name' wants to be your friend " with scantily clad, suggestive profile photo and promise of more photos and "friendship".

This post is also dedicated to you, and with thanks to Jim Anderson and his family for his ministry to our sisters, mothers and daughters.

While in the U.S. late last year working on the Aborted Artist documentary I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Jim Anderson of Lifeline Ministries International. And what stood out in my mind the most from listening to the CD's he gave me was the story of when one of his daughters asked him why a woman she saw was showing a lot of skin where clothing would normally have been - he gently responded, "Oh honey, she didn't get enough hugs from Daddy."

Who didn't get enough hugs from Daddy? 'Healthy hugs' I must add - sadly. And then there are many daughters who were abandoned or lost their Daddy's to tragic circumstances, like accidents, wars and natural disasters.

The disaster of brokenhearted daughters is all but natural - it is a symptom of our choices made in this world. Something to think about - especially if you're male - is how we view and treat girls and women will have lasting positive or negative repercussions on them, on us and on others they and we related to. Life is about relationships, the healthier we are, the healthier our relationships are, the healthier our choices, the healthier and happier our lives are and our
world would be.

I hope this has somehow been helpful and healthful for you and those you love!
If it has, please pass it on.

With Respect...

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