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Punishment Fits The Crime: #3..II


Warned that to bring this out in the open “will cause a breach” in the “movement”. Oh contraire, to cover up the stubborn breach that is already there is to enable the debilitating dysfunction. Warning: to not air out and cleanse the stench and slime from the bowels of a backed up "movement" is to ignore the cancer of pride, hoping it will just go away, and in the end where will that lead to? What happened to “respect – for – life” outside the womb?

My mother took pills my Dad was told would "take care of it." That 'it' was and is me. In my journey of discovery I have sacrificed much to help bring truth, life, love, hope and healing to others. And this organization who had me charged and jailed knew this truth…this ongoing court case has been quite disturbing, the whole thing traumatizing to me and my family.

Scenes Passing: Stateside Serenade

A prominent member of a pro-life organization in the U.S. returned my phone call, welcomed me to come down, agreed to help me with interviews and more. This encouragement seemed to confirm my sense of calling to go and film for my documentary. But not only to film, I offered to help wherever I could. I filled out an online form and my background and identity was questioned and confirmed in a lengthy second call on speaker phone by two volunteers from the organization, one even identified himself as being a lawyer.
Here I gave my references for the second time and was told by this lawyer and 'star' volunteer that as a volunteer I'd be staying with him. Enthusiastically I spoke of the song I had to share which I'd written with a heightened sense of God's call on my life after my previous encouraging conversation. It was with love and respect for God and all people, regardless of their point of view or past experience that I journeyed to the U.S. of A.

My journey through the abortion debate has been one of sacrifice for both my wife, children and I. We've sold our home, and lived by faith with no regular income, getting an education, and expressing and educating in creative, artistic ways helping bring truth, informed choice, love, light, hope and healing - all the while consciously trying to keep a low public, media profile for fear of rejection and persecution as you'll see echoed in the song lyrics below. I also wanted to meet with and get to know "pro-choice" people without them prejudging me for my background or point of view. Most people I met where very kind to me. I wanted honest interviews from them. I didn't lie about who I was - I didn't offer information that wasn't asked for. I made it very clear to all that I was "interviewing people on both sides of the abortion debate and presenting them as they present themselves." - truthfully, yet respectfully.

After 14 years since my journey began I was now willing to "lay down my life" before the whole world, even with the media looking on. I would not push myself but if given the opportunity I would be prepared to share my heart, my story, and my song in love and a much needed spirit of repentance towards women. In the least I hoped to be an encouragement to the volunteers. This song was written as a gift to share but my presence and the gift I had was aborted by the very organization I had came to bless. I was able to share the lyrics with a founding member of the organization in question before the incident. This kind woman was moved by the lyrics, and offered to pay me back the $100 bail after I'd gotten out of jail. I'd like to record and share this song with you in the next post in the series and am hoping for a somewhat happy ending to this saga.

Please Forgive Me On Behalf Of All Men

Oh here we go – I’m going to answer the call
‘Cause a woman deserves the deepest respect of all
I’m going to love women – make the highest choice
Lay down my life and be love’s voice

Please Forgive Me On Behalf Of All Men
Who’ve been disrespectful, irresponsible, cowards
Please Forgive Me On Behalf Of All Men
We’ve been disrespectful, irresponsible, cowards

Oh here we go – I’m going to answer the call
‘Cause a person’s a person no matter how small
I’m going to love women – make the highest choice
Lay down my life and be love’s voice


Love God, love the truth – the opposite is true
History, future proves what I say to you
I was afraid to speak the truth – bound by self-preservation
Living only half a life – afraid of persecution


Please Forgive Me...

© J.S.C.H


Punishment Fits The Crime in every case, in every place, and dark hearted, light skinned man has never ruled over his darker skinned brother in the name of God in the name of love - a truer meaning of using the Lord's name in vain. Many dehumanizing desecraters of human decency and respect go free - for now. Many innocent human beings pay the price for another man's pride, hate, and greed. Yet many turn from their wrongs and give and receive - receive and give - forgiveness through Christ and all go free as it should be…

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