Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy Ending...?


Trials temper - as fire and furnace does to steel and clay. Sometimes blogs are best with fewer words to convey - what is in the heart.

Scenes Confessing: In honest, transparently - I wanted them to come clean and do the right thing and reconcile. And if they refused I would become free to tell the world just how vile they have been to me and thus my family. Either way would be a Happy Ending.

A spontaneous prayer for my persecutors:

One of my accusers is pregnant, bless her with a safe delivery and healthy child.

Another of my accusers seems to be an angry, over-reacting man - bless him with freedom from being a slave to sinning in his anger.

Another of my accusers has done much in your name, bless her with your Love flowing through her being and the greatest gift of hearing - on judgment day, "Well done my good and faithful servant." Amen, amen, amen...

And bless those who could have helped avoid this South Dakota Saga but didn't. Bless them with the courage to do what is right in the future and make good on past mistakes, no matter what the consequences now. Help them see the weight of the consequences later.

A two day jury trial is set for a week away, regardless of the outcome - I choose a Happy Ending knowing that I can go on with my honesty and integrity intact and that of my accusers and accomplices are forever marred until they face the music.


Dragons roar tries to drown out Lady Wisdom's song. "Fear not for Father fights for you. Take courage no matter what they say or do. Choose Love..."

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