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Punishment Fits The Crime: #3...



Not an infiltrating agent, nor part of the biblically debasing borg. We are all active players or puppets on whatever stage we may find ourselves in life. Life is a gift and though as a child I may have found more pleasure in playing with the box, no longer a child, the box has been discarded and I now hold the gift in my grateful hands, nurturing. Life is to be truly lived; to shrink back in fear or to have lived a lie would be death.

Scenes Passing: Stateside Saga

"Just pay the fine and go home” - ”Some people say they are one thing and then turn out to be another” – “I had to apologize to my congregation for having invited you in and let you stay with people” - ”You reap what you sow" so said the pastor who had previously been an encouragement to me and welcomed me to come stateside.
Previous to what has become a sad Stateside Saga I had thought of this man as ‘finally a pastor who’d gotten the spiritual significance of abortion and was educating and doing something about it’ but after hearing my accusers side of the story, people he’d been working closely with, my name became mud. True this pastor has gone to the people responsible to see if they’d help get the charges dropped, I’m thankful to him and the many who have tried that.

What I’ve asked for is an apology for the unkind words, and misjudgment. I’m still waiting. We can have all the knowledge in the world but if we have not love…if we have not the humility to say, “Sorry I was wrong” – then sadly we have a puffed up prideful nothing. And what’s been communicated to me is that in some eyes I’m nobody worth apologizing to. Perhaps the jury is still out with this man on his judgment of me as false accusations mar reality.

What did John the Baptist do to reap his beheading? What did Jesus sow to reap his crucifixion? What did I...Exactly...(Now I'm not equating myself being even close to these two but...) As John and Jesus where, so am I innocent of the charges and not deserving any punishment here. Now this saga hardly warrants scapegoating or any time and attention by the courts, you or me but for the questions to be asked and for the deeper lessons to be learned – Aborted Artist The Movie, and the book wait for it!

We interrupt this poetic license to drive for this journalistic, in depth heart...

'Breaking News Update'

My jury trial set for three days before my birthday was bumped by a murder trial, without looking closely at the case a judge denied the 'conditional dismissal' request and a two day jury trial has been set for May. Thank you to all the people across the U.S. and Canada, including members of the organization in question’s board of directors who have gone to those with the power to right this wrong and asked them to do so – sadly to no avail. Thank you for those who have written letters of reference, and support; more letters are most welcome.

Even after having exhausted Mathew 15:18…reconciliation attempts I still have hope that good can come out of this saga and I pray God's blessing and His true will in the lives of those who must choose between love and legalism, self-justification and true justice. Besides an apology and having repairs to my camera paid for in the least, what I'm most interested in is relational reconciliation. I have done my part and await them to do the right thing but time is fast running out.

All that others political maneuvering behind the scenes has come up with has added insult to injury. I have been asked not to divulge the details on this but here and now say this: If those who brought these skewed charges against me, now those with the power to "make this go away" do not do so by stating in writing to the courts, by this the week of Tuesday April the 10, 2007, that they will not testify against me - the truth will be “shouted from the roof tops!”

Me, and my family have been the ones truly victimized here but we will not play the part of victim – this is not a case of laying your life down for your brothers. We have been shown no love, no care, nothing...

To date I have been left with little choice but to take the advice of a Canadian lawyer and tell my accusers that I am willing to take them to court and bring the media into this. I could have done this a long time ago and they know it. At the time of being abused and thrown into jail I was feeling extremely hurt and angry. I had remained calm yet painfully perplexed as I was cuffed, processed and placed in the holding cell with thirty other prisoners, including federal inmates awaiting “Con Air” transport. I have never wanted to take these people and their organization to court. I thought I was dealing with fellow believers in and lovers of Jesus Christ. These people who claim to champion the rights of women and believe that the unborn fetus should be regarded as a person worthy of dignity and respect, failed to treat me as a person.

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Punishment Fits The Crime: #3 in Series PART 2

I am an abortion survivor who has sacrificed much to help bring truth, life, love, hope and healing to others. And this organization knew this truth…

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Nikol said...

Thanks for the update and I did have a read of your creative writing. Lots of pain there, lots of reflection, lots of healing and lots of hope for an uplifted,
empowered future. Self-reflection, and then being able to express it
takes a lot of courage.

Thank you for sharing, I'm sure that everyone can relate more or less.